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Includes a wash, condition, blow-dry and thermal styling for a sleek finish

Coil Set


Includes a wash, condition, and finger coils that enhance the natural curl pattern

Flexi Rod Set


Includes a wash, condition, blow-dry, and rods to curl and temporarily manipulate the natural curl pattern

Wash & Blowout Only


Includes a wash, condition, and blow-dry (no styling)

Wrap & Style


Includes a wash, condition, wrapping of the hair with foam, dryer time, and thermal styling


$65 - Regrowth  |  $100- Virgin

Includes a chemical treatment that permanently straightens the hair for a sleek finish

Hydration Treatment


Deep Conditioning Hair Mask that instantly nourishes and softens the hair strands while sealing the cuticle

Protein Treatment


Deep Conditioning Hair Mask that instantly improves texture.  Ideal for dry, damaged, and color- treated hair

Moisture Treatment


Deep Conditioning Treatment that restores moisture and smoothness to the hair

Scalp Detox


Scalp Treatment that cleanses the scalp of excessive dryness and dandruff


Starting at $65

Changing and reshaping the style of the hair



Cleaning up the ends to maintain the health of the hair and gain retention

Color Retouch


Color application that covers the regrowth section of previously colored hair



Semi-permanent hair color that conditions while it colors and adds a shiny finish

Color Consultation


Mandatory one on one session to discuss hair color goals and pricing for all major color services

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